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Adela Guerra is an actress, Content Producer, Creative Consultant, Spokeswoman, and Model who has worked in fashion, commercial print, on-camera commercials, TV and film.


She has participated in numerous TV networks including NBC, Nickelodeon and Univision, independent films, supported the launch of a clothing company in Istanbul, Turkey and hosted a traveling TV show from Tokyo, Japan. She has also interviewed multiple celebrities including Emilio Estefan, Andy Garcia, Cesar Millan, among others. She is currently serving as a mentor and judge in a couple of Hollywood TV Shows where she empowers young talent and gives them the guidance and support they need to stay physically, mentally and emotionally healthy and balanced while pursuing a career in the entertainment industry. 


A successful business woman with a career spanning over 10 years, Adela understands the importance of looking and feeling your best. With an educational background in business, marketing and advertising, Adela has spent the last decade becoming an authority on style, beauty, and healthy living.


She also serves as a consultant on creative projects for a long list of fashion labels and lifestyle brands.  


Seeing the need for a lifestyle website that also empowers young creators and entrepreneurs, Adela launched a platform called HauteSpark in December 2016. A lifestyle publication dedicated to those with a passion for wellness, beauty and travel where she also shares stories about influential creators that have sparked an inspirational movement by pursuing their dreams and passions.

Adela’s mission through her brands and HauteSpark plus all other activities she undertakes, is to give creators the information and inspiration they need to feel empowered, authentic and confident.


Known for her positive spirit and famous smile, this energetic business woman is passionate about her life and continues inspiring others to follow their dream.

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